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Say what?! We’ve broken down common Amazon acronyms for your convenience

A+Amazon A+ ContentThis is Amazon 'rich content' which appears below the fold on product detail pages
ACOSAdvertising Cost of SalesThe percentage of your sales that you spend on advertising. This is calculated by dividing your spend by sales attributed to your ads. Attribution varies by campaign type.
AGLAmazon Global LogisticsAmazon's logistic provider - this is Amazon's competing off to UPS and FedEx
ARNAmazon Reference NumberThis is assigned by Amazon to as their internal shipment ID
ASNAdvanced Shipping NoticeThe notification used to communicate a shipment's contents and carrier tracking information to us in advance of receiving your goods
ASINAmazon Standard Identification NumberA 10 character alphanumeric identifier assigned by Amazon to identify a product
CATCategoryThe primary category a product is placed in, such as 'Books' or 'Home'
CDSCentury Distribution SystemsAmazon's appointed freight forwarder
CFSCarrier Scan FirstShipments that were scanned within 24 hours of your ship confirmation or ASN. Late scans impact Order Processing Speed metrics and can therefore prevent lead-times from being upgraded.
CPC OR PPCCost per Click or Pay per ClickWhere an advertiser pays a cost to a publisher for every click on an ad
CTRClickthrough RateThe ratio of how often shoppers click on your product ad when displayed. This is calculated as clicks divided by impressions.
COGSCost of Goods SoldThe PO cost of products sold to customers
DEADelivery Estimated AccuracyAn overall measure of on-time delivery performance (i.e., whether the customer-promised delivery date was met) and includes DSR as well as misses due to Amazon's internal planning delays. We provide DEA data for your visibility; it may not directly impact your lead time or Guaranteed Delivery status.
DIDirect ImportThis is where Amazon purchase stock from you in the manufacturing location and imports that product into their locale
DSRDelivery Success RateAt the time of purchase, customers are given a promised delivery date. DSR measures whether the customer's order arrived on or before that promised date. Some of the orders may miss customer-promised delivery dates due to Amazon's internal planning delays. Such misses are excluded form the DSR metric. Shipping on time with the assigned carrier and ship method is essential to meeting DSR standards.
EDDEstimated Delivery DateAt the time of shipment (ASN), customers are given a new estimated delivery date (EDD). EDD measures whether the customer's order arrived on or before the date. Providing the ASN accurately (when the item is actually physically shipped) is essential to meet EDD standards.
EXSDExpected Ship DateThe date you expect to ship - Amazon only considers a product shipped when a carrier has picked up the shipment and the ASN has been submitted
FAST TRACK GVSFast Track Glance ViewsThe percentage of the time a customer views a product and seeing that there is a prime shipping option
FBAFulfilled by AmazonYou ship stock into Amazon's FCs and maintain ownership. When a customer orders the product, Amazon ships it to the customer on behalf
FCFulfilment CenterThis is the name Amazon uses for their warehouses They prefer to call their warehouses 'FCs' to focus on their fulfilment role rather than long term storage
GDGuaranteed DeliveryAn invitation-only program that allows vendors whose operations meet the highest bar to display a guaranteed order delivery date on the product detail page of their eligible ASINs
GLGeneral LedgerThis is another name for product category and based on the category a product is in
GV OR GVSGlance ViewsThe number of customer views on an Amazon Detail Page
LBBLost Buy Box (based on price)This is the % of the time a customer looks at a detail page and is shown someone else's offer, because their offer is more cost effective for the customer than yours
OOSNet Pure Profit MarginAmazon's profit margin, after the cost of the products they purchased from you. This includes trading terms (such as damage allowance) but does not include promotional discounts
POPurchase OrderAn official order for products with the products and quantities requested
REPOOSReplenishable Out of StockGlance views the product received when it was out of stock but replenishable as a % of total product glance views So the percentage of the time a customer viewed a product detail page and couldn't buy it
ROASReturn on ad spendThe revenue you receive from your advertising investment. This is calculated by dividing sales attributed to your ads by your spend. Attribution varies by campaign type
SFPSeller Fulfilled PrimeThis is where sellers are able to fulfil customer's orders at prime shipping speed, out of their own warehouses
SHIPPED COGSShipped Cost Of Goods SoldRevenue based on the cost of goods sold, adjusted for returns So how the unit price Amazon purchases from you, multiplied by the number of unit sales
SIOCShip In Own ContainerAmazon is able to ship the product in the container it arrived into the FC in, without having to add additional packaging Although a product may be SIOC, it needs to be SIOC certified to be sold as such
SRScan RateMeasures the percentage of shipments that had correct tracking IDs and shipment delivery confirmation from carriers. To meet SR standards, you're required to provide correct tracking IDs through ASN or at ship confirmation, and to set up your carrier accounts correctly.
SSCCSerial Shipping Container CodeAn 18-digit number used to identify logistics units
SITBSearch Inside the BookIn the Amazon books category, this means the 'See Inside' feature is enabled
VTLVendor Lead TimeTime (measured in days) between when Amazon places a purchase order and receives inventory in the fulfilment center.

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