What do we do at Equity Commerce?

We help Amazon 1P brands, 3P sellers, and Direct to Consumer partners of all types navigate through the complexities of the global ecommerce marketplaces. 

By now it’s accepted that a holistic approach to an omnipresent omnichannel landscape is required.  

Not only do we understand the interconnectedness of 1P, 3P, and DTC digital marketplaces, but we also understand how to optimize each step in the customer journey.

Let’s face it - if ecommerce success were as simple as drawing a map, we’d have very little to focus on.


Don't React

Due to shifting marketplaces, always-rising logistics costs, operational and compliance roadblocks, and a cutthroat competitive landscape — an ecommerce map would be obsolete before the ink dried.  

Our guiding principles are based on data insights pulled from Amazon Vendor Central (1P), Amazon Seller Central (3P), DTC, and consumer intent. We combine data from all relevant sources with partner-centric strategies to create a navigational compass. 

The future is elusive, a mystery. That’s why we don’t make predictions. Disruption is a given. We expect dynamic changes as new technologies emerge and we embrace that evolution.  

Business is where you find it.  

Adapt don’t react.  The future is yours for the taking.

Diversify your revenue stream with our storefront hybrid model

Pairing Amazon’s full functionality with Equity Commerce’s technology solutions allow you to reclaim your consumer data and outperform the competition with increased advertising efficiency.

Full-Service Digital Marketing

Equity Commerce is a full-service ecommerce agency that specializes in Amazon, with a focus on increasing a brand’s equity above all.  Yes, ROAS and ROI are important, but ultimately increased equity is the goal – and that’s what we do. Our company was founded with the goal of helping businesses succeed on the back of Amazon’s infrastructure while catapulting brand values through data-first strategies and cutting-edge AI/ML solutions.

The Team

George Wescott

Co Founder | Managing Partner

Digital pioneer, has developed and managed extremely high performing (top 1% globally) digital marketplaces brands and communities for over 20 years. One of the very first seller and vendor accounts in the Amazon Marketplace.

Specialties include; developing high performing teams, building communities, discoverability, conversion, automation

Colin Kaster

President | Strategy, Digital Advertising + Operations

Data first approach to helping clients achieve their e-commerce goals through effective advertising and operational strategies, ensuring sustainable multi-channel growth. Passionate about optimizing the inputs that drive outputs: digital advertising, pricing, forecasting, inventory planning, SEO, conversion, fulfillment, and operational execution.

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