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Partner with EC?

Equity Commerce is an eComm services provider that accelerates brands top and bottom lines.

Our omnichannel storefronts can get you exposure to net-new consumers in all the marketplaces you want to be on (Amazon 1p, Amazon 3p, Walmart, Target, DTC)

We are data-first, so if you are seeing this Landing Page we have already determined that you have a product that can be insanely profitable and you don’t have to do anything differently from what you already do with wholesalers.

An alternative to wholesale

We’ll pay YOU to sell your product.

Equity Commerce operates several marketplace storefronts aimed at helping brands generate revenues and sales, without the need for further investment.



Inventory Forecasting

We will provide the projected forecast on a recurring basis and work with your existing outbound logistics process to ensure inventory is sent into FBA and doesn’t stock out

Inventory Ownership

Ownership of inventory remains in your hands until the point of sale

Inventory Management

Upon sale, the inventory is no longer yours – it’s off your books

Not Wholesale

This is not a wholesale relationship, but it will fit seamlessly into your existing process / business model – and you’ll make more margin

Different Pricing/Fees

We pay you for each sale AT RETAIL price, not wholesale (minus fees)

  • You do not have to undergo organizational transition to expand into 3p / DTC
  • You do not have to change your internal processes (wholesale, logistics, etc.)
  • You do not need to recruit new talent to figure out DTC or onboard an agency

How It Works

1. Engage

Share your product portfolio with us for an extensive audit

2. Analyze

Get an individualized proposal including projections

3. Launch

Launch and watch how our strategy and technology stack amplifies your market presence

4. Earn

Realize immediate benefits without the hassle of individualized sales.

Consignment Program

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If you meet these qualifications, we’ll enroll you and get you set up with an account manager: